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                             Supportive Resources
The following featured resources are beneficial for supporting
the process of healing and/or for obtaining personal growth.

Libraries are full of great resources beyond just books. They often offer free classes for meditation and or yoga. Wisdom is a powerful tool to have. It is worth the time to explore what your library has to offer you.

Mental Health Care Providers
When locating a provider, research to verify what areas the provider specializes in. Insurance companies can direct you to a provider within your plan. If finances are restricted many churches offer counseling as well as certain state agencies.

Spiritual Providers
Spiritual directors offer guidance during times of struggle. Contact a church in your area to inquire if they offer such services or if they can refer you to one.

As we share our time to make life better for someone or something else we benefit within ourselves.
This is the practice of bringing the mind and body into a relaxed state. Libraries have many meditation resources, cd's and books available for no cost.
Time spent with animals can be very calming and soothing. If owning a cat or dog is not an option, aquariums are also very tranquil to the senses.  Otherwise shelters are always seeking volunteers to socialize with kittens or for walkers to take the dogs out for outdoor runs. Animals are extremely beneficial and it also benefits the animals!
 Nature / Gardens
Create a perfect space for relaxation purposes. A garden can bring forth healing properties. It encourages time spent outdoors under the sunlight and provides tranquility with the sounds of the surrounding nature. All the senses are awakened into a positive direction.

Music has powers all of it's own and it can influence a mood. Find what type of music can bring forth relaxation for you. 
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